Friday 8 April 2016


Hey Beautiful,

I have loved every minute of writing and sharing my personal experience on here because it has been incredible with the love and friendship I have made with amazing people. 

But it has been a while since I blogged on this page and the consistency was long gone, so I did some house cleaning with the content. 

To be honest, I miss it too and just like life, we grow and move on to other things and exciting new projects. I promise that I am fine and still living authentically, luminously and gracefully in faith.

Thank you and as a final encouragement ~ Be Bold ~ Be Brave ~ Be You Unapologetically ~ Shining your Light ~


I write from a place of love.

Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn xx

Monday 11 January 2016

Let Talk About Fear

Happy Monday. Will you just step out and do what you want to do.

Fear ~ manifest itself in many ways, doubts, mistakes, worrying, not starting or even just tirelessly waiting. 

So in the spirit of faith in action. Let fear die by abiding in the word. Let things that hinders you go. Let people that doubt you, or speak against the promises you hold dear go. 

Stop judging yourself by the standards of others. Surrender your heart to God and trust him intimately with your dreams and vision. 

When He says go, go with confidence that he will deliver everything you need into your hands, because it is only him that can set you on an uncomfortable journey and you know what! You can do hard things!

Set yourself free and lean into the season you have been placed in to experience the radical love and grace of The One who has called you to be triumph. 

Fear should not have a foothold in your life, the only fear that drives you should be in reverence towards the mighty power of God because your heart is secure in Him.

Hold on to this whenever you feel the weight of fear...."The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear..." Isaiah 8:13

With love, grace and faith in action. 

I write from a place of love

Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Season of truth and comebacks

Seasons come, season go and for me it has been a long time away from blogging or writing worthwhile privately and publicly. Comebacks are welcome.

But first I dedicate this post to the amazing Frances Okoro of such a dedicated and consistent person that I have come to love and just observe from a distance, yet her words are often the closest thing to home truths that stings, and a resounding assurance that I can find solace on her blog just like someone else can find same on here. I love her and it is because of her recent post  "For Christian Writers/Bloggers: Lay Aside The Weight Of Distractions" that I have had the courage to rise up against the flux of inactivity on my blog.

It is autumn and the leaves are so beautiful even as they wither away,  dragged in whatever direction the wind pleases. Just like the leaves, I have been drifting, wrestling with what I what or hope to have yet I am still without.

Summer was amazing and as it ended, I somehow allowed anxiety and fear cling on to me and I didn't realise it until recently. My nonchalant attitude and relaxed state of 'just chilling' and 'waiting" is fear in disguise.

Honestly, I have been so dry that I thought it also meant that I am done on here. However, reflecting on the last few months, I have learnt so much and maybe I needed to step back, so I can come back stronger and ready for the long haul because I have been given the grace to write and nothing in my life right now justifies throwing it away.

My prayers have ben constant, even if at times they have been silent but they seethe with passion for more of God and less of my own feelings because His word is not based on emotions but on faith.

So as I transition into the beauty of this season, I pray that I continue to hold on to this grace and birth the words that will continue to shine a light that is full of purpose.

I write from a place of love.
Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn

Monday 24 August 2015


Trust God with where He is leading you. 
Trust God with the journey. 
Trust God and stop looking back. 
Trust God with how far you have come. 
Trust that He will light your way through the wilderness.
Trust that His love will never fail you.
Trust that He is with you every step of the way.
And above all, Love with all your heart.

I write from a place of love.

Beautiful Beloved Believedin

Sunday 16 August 2015

Random Musings

This is an impromptu post and the picture above is suppose to represent 'spiritual balance'. I feel so calm and light as I pour out a little bit of the words that is floating within me right now.

As I surrendered to the magic that is Sunday in church this afternoon, I experienced a little miracle. But before I blurt it out, I would like to say this first 'Church is everyday, but Sundays are just special" and the choir said Amen. Mind blowing  or what scripture right there and maybe that is all someone out there needs to know right now.
Don't wait for Sundays to have a conversation with God or seek re-alignment with your spirituality if you feel messed up or down. Get down on your knees on the floor, throw a hissy fit and get down with it, because God can hear you loud and clear, and you don't need the perfect place or setting but right where you are now!!

I started practising yoga for balance and fitness, one thing I struggled with was standing on my toe and to take my practise further, it was necessary to close your eye in order to feel the balance, re-align your body and focus your intention. Naturally I struggled, eyes closed, on my toes, swaying from side to side, forward backward, it was a mess, but I kept trying.

You will never catch me with my eyes wandering, ain't got eye for anyone but you *inserts music* I love closing my eyes in worship, anywhere, anytime and I don't mind because I feel so much closer to God when I shut everything down,  which also includes bare feet's (sorry I am one of those people)  So as always, with arching feet, shoes discarded, I was so lost in my world that I didn't realise I was standing perfectly on my toes, glued to the spot for several moments. *screams like a banshee* I only  realised when I open my eyes and there I was, not stumbling or  falling, but balanced.

I look around as if to say to the next person, "did you see that", I did it, but no approval. Because, right there, I found my practise, *inhale, exhale* in that moment at church in the middle of service, I mastered my weakness, no more stumbling or falling, finding my practise with my intention on nothing but God *awesome feeling ever*  Before my inner goddess started dancing to this revelation,  I felt the holy spirit minster to my soul.

No matter how long it takes, you will eventually get there. Practise, practise, keep going is all it takes, you have been so focused on the end result, but not the patience that's needed in the process.

It so clear how this translates to many areas of my life and I am so incredible happy because it has been an amazing week and it can only get better. The holy spirit draws so much energy to my walk and enables me to function at a level beyond my comprehension that I am left gasping at the strength I have been able to display. I have stopped looking at my self with unbelief, but admiration and confidence that He is with me.

I write from a place of love.

Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn

Saturday 15 August 2015

Amen to the Journey Ahead

About to embark on a journey, a really big one and where does my help come from? Yes I am still on this matter because it is necessary at every point to remember and let it sink in. We forget often that God is near and not that far from us, He sees what we see and hears what we hear.  It is so easy to forget when we are chasing life, as an observer I love people watching and trust me that is a hobby except for the judgemental thing or turning up my nose like I am superior. I watch and and listen not to what people say but what they do and the source of their confidence. 
However, there is a danger in this habit, it is easy to begin to think that yeah I can do that! It is even easier than my own path, maybe I should jump on board that ship because hey this one ain't moving at all or maybe it is too slow. And you know what? I don't blame or judge you, we live in a quick fix generation and imitation is the best form of flattery until you have travelled so far along a road that is not yours to begin with. 

Don't do it!

As I write, already switched off social media, such as Twitter and Instagram for clarity; not wanting to be clouded by tweets and grams about other people's lives and what they are doing which equals less external, more internal influence. Everything you need to start is already within you!

But really where does our help come from? 
The Word of God, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Mighty One that sit on the Throne of Grace, a God who goes before, overcoming and overreaching way more than we could go on our own. Our help comes from God, Jesus our Lord and Saviour, the One who keeps everything together through every season and the next.  I know more than ever, that I will never understand everything but trust in the process because it is for His Story, your story, our story, His Glory, "Godfidence" in my faith and believe in Him as I prepare and ponder the next steps. The upcoming month of September has that effect on me, "for I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11)

I feel like when we have options, we will always have ways of justifying disobedience and doing it anyway, some call it luck, hard work etc but that is just a bullshit way of living when you have had an encounter with the immerse grace of God and it the realest thing I have experienced. To be honest, I have had real spiritual moments that are so surreal I could live in that realm forever. So I don't want that, whatever bullshit or me me lifestyle but a spirit filled life, that's always tuned in to the Holy Spirit.

Lord knows that no matter how much I pray on bended knees or throw my hands up in the air like I don't care,  *waving* that I am not perfect. I have never held myself out to be perfect but constantly speak about breaking the habit of not listening. We don't listen because we are influenced by so much of the things around us and I know that I don't always get it right, and for that reason I will continue to pray for depth, take me deeper Lord, help exhaust my self dependency, pride, can-do alone attitude so that I will have no more corners to turn too but You. 

*sigh* 'A life where I am actually living, continuously loving and unconditional happy, surrounded by love, gratitude and doing it all for your glory'. 

I pray that I get it right, resounding peaceful that I am on the right path. Oh I am a little bit scared to be honest but I feel this quite little voice telling me that I am ready.

Prayer for the journey ahead
Dear Jesus, you are the all-knowing and overseer of life, rich in mercy, abundant in grace and source of our sufficiency. 
I bring the desires of my heart before you,  asking you to filter the unnecessary, selfish ambitious, and attitude. 
I pray for more of your whispers, bold declarations, speaking life into my life where I am incomplete, stripe me bare for your glory and grant me favour on this journey in Jesus name. 
Because it is not by might but your grace,  therefore I praise your holy name; worshipping you with all my heart and life. 
Thank you Lord for your faithfulness.

I write from a place of love.

Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn