Friday, 26 December 2014

Last thoughts on 2014, Hello New Year!

Season Greetings, Hearts, Hugs & Cuddles 
 God, this has indeed been a year of transition. Moving my life and hoping to start from where I left off and walked into a straight mess. January through March was like hey take me too. Xmas wasn't the same this year and will not be for a very long time. I miss you so much, you have been my pillar of strength, biggest supporter, confidant and I am still finding it hard that I would have to do life without you….xmas this year is a bit yadi yadi whatever that means, because Xmas dinner last year we was all joking, playing together and taking everything for granted. Nine months on, I am handling it well, little sniff here & there, and I stop once I remember that you wouldn't want that, but for me to strive, stay beautiful and be happy.

So far so good, despite all the obstacles, mushy messy feelings, its been a big positive one for me, I have achieved so much this year for which I am eternally grateful especially for the lovely friends, companion and strangers that have become family. I can't stress enough what wonderful friends I have made who understands and have been there for me, no questions asked. Am the sort of person that will tell you am in pain, but not pinpoint it to whether it is in my neck or shoulders. Just pain and these people fall in place praying for me, holding me down in every way possible.

God has blessed me in so many ways, helped me to see things that are beyond and invisible to the naked eye, led me to people that are now like a tightrope, shown me what obedience looks like if I listened. Enjoyed been an aunt, mum, sister, daughter and friend even when I didn't feel like it. *sigh* If 2015 is good to me, I will be leaving London for good whoopy, it has been good to me and will always be a part of me but I can't imagine my life here anymore unless God say this is where I am meant to be. Still sad I didn't make it to Rwanda, but I appreciate the blessings from not going. 

Do I have any new year resolutions? Not really I just want to live a good intentional life year after year.
Is there anything I hope for in 2015?  Yes, a more powerful prayer life & vision that leads me into everything I am destined for?

Why prayer?  It has been saving grace this year, although there are times when I struggled so much because I didn't know what to pray about or where this thoughts were come coming! My heart is in many place, not confused but in many place and it needs prioritising because I know that I know that I can be very stubborn to my detriment. 

Final thoughts on this year?  Goodness gracious me, I have improved on my social skills, I can actually hold a social conversation with getting bored or yawning, more patient I think, certainly confident as I am not ridiculously shy like before. Hmm, still not dating :( but happily single :) with no intention of rushing because I want forever with a man that is ready to settle down with me for a lifetime of adventure and kids. If he is rich *wink wink*, that would be better, I would have so much fun spending his money which becomes our money on building my orphanages, education centres, sponsoring community projects, offering alternative education to kids from under-privilege backgrounds. Perhaps even take on more human right pro-bono cases! 

Thank You.  I pray for every single person that has read, commented, shared, subscribed and dedicated their time to go on this journey with me. Thank you so much from my heart of heart, may your dreams come true and when they do come true, it is my hope that it will inspire you to go further and higher than the sky. At sunrise, light will shine in your homes, doors will open and reveal something wonderful. At sunset,  you will find peace with the stars leading you to where home is. May the universe continue to bring you daily opportunities and blessings. It has been a good year and I know where I am , stay jolly and keep positive.
Beautiful Beloved Believed In

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