Monday, 3 November 2014

Inspiration to be You

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration.
I am stuck at the moment, I have a new found love for tripling every word like this, "inspiration , inspiration, inspiration" If only I took English literature serious in high school, perhaps I will have a word to describe it or a literary expression that makes me sound clever. I don't know but I do care, finding words to express my dragon's is painstaking.
So inspiration to be you, there is so much rumbling through my mind these days, seeking inspiration, playing with ideas in my head, most of which are fantastic anyway! Guess what thou? I am S.C.A.R.E.D, super super super scared of the greatness it can unleash and I wonder if I would get enough support and encouragement from my peoples, people's people's. I mean my greatest fan are young and that one year old that tags himself to my legs is still learning to talk and Le nephew is ten * young* who will support me!!!
Please stay with me. I am going somewhere with this post.

Pause*.........ALL THAT FEAR and I still didn't write the post I actually intended.

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