Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Appreciation Tuesday - You are Celebrated

Musings: Dedicated to You and many more dreams as they come true.
One Year Later, it is all coming together. I am temporarily back home with my heartbeat, in a job that pays the bills, helping out with my youngest nephew, building a strong network in church life, inner circle of friends and serving with all I have, offering support to homeless services in my spare time and already planning the next project to run #ShineWomen while my heart still hopes to accomplish more. Hello season of transition, I haven't given up on my dreams and vision, while some are taking the backburner, I am building experience in every capacity with hope that the right prompting and opportunity will come.

However, this post is inspired by the most adorable young man I know, he is sweet, cute and insanely hilarious. In the time we've been friends, our conversations have varied so much, he gets me on a weird level and I understand him to be ambitious, articulate and bold in his opinions. We met while we were still in law school, at the time I was taking a break  from my campus and visiting a friend at his. Homeboy was sitting at the back of the class and he kind of introduced himself I think or not, but me been shy mumbled back and he pounced like the tiger he is uttering a lot of BS which was totally unnecessary, dude was trying to chat me up *laughs*.
We didn't meet again until about six months later, I still laugh at all the happy moments I spent around him, he once danced and sang to me outside court, my friend and I would play with his hair, squeeze his cheeks and I would watched him bubble with excitement. The highlight has to be the time I accompanied him to the cinema with another male friend and my ex at the time got so angry with me. *oh well*
He was the first person to ever articulate how I felt inside in a club "Kennie wants to dance and be wild, but she is holding back" in-between my intoxication, my inner goddess was taking notes.

I am  so incredibly happy that he just got his dream job, a fantastic start to an amazing journey and I can't wait to see him tap into his potential. It's in moments like this, that I will happily accept I can be a bit of a white witch *shrugs* You know when you know! 
I pray to God for more favour, prosperity and blessings for you, thank you for been wonderful, encouraging and inspiring to this old girl. I SEE YOU.
Beautiful Beloved Believed In


  1. How awesome that you are getting more involved in church. You're a good friend to be so supportive of your friend. I can only imagine how he put you on the spot outside the court that time. Ha ha. How sweet though. :)

  2. He didn't put me on the spot, I loved it, it made me shy and giggly. No one has ever given me attention like that.

  3. Aawwww, how endearing. What a cool friend he is. It's quite special when someone not only wants to express their regard for you to you, but wants to express it before others as well. I hope that won't be the only time he does something like that, or that you get attention that way. You deserve it. :)


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