Wednesday, 12 November 2014

#30Layers30Days SOULMATE

Describe what term 'soulmate' means to you and whether or not you are embodying that meaning for yourself. In other words, are you your soulmate? Is your relationship with yourself intimate and kind, supportive and unconditional? 

A soul mate is someone who mirrors your soul, heart and desire, an unspoken understanding of trust, compatibility and alignment in purpose. I do not believe in just one soul mate but many with intertwined lives roaming and waiting to connect with me, they may be good for you or end up bad being the cause of pain, hurt and anguish.
Lucky for me, I was born a twin, she is a beautiful soul, kind spirit with a natural instinct to nurture, protect and support me unconditionally. She is the soul mate I need to get through life and I hers, we understand each other and get on well, she sees the most intimate part of me and has helped me move beyond limiting beliefs. But for her awakening and energy, I can't imagine half of what I have achieved and accomplished so far.
I embody the principle of soulmate also because I understand that I have to embrace my soul to interact with the universe and I do this by taking care of Me Myself & I. I pray for her heart to be kind gentle and calm, make time to listen and nurture her abilities, soothed her fears, guide her through clouds of terror and oppression in every encounter. Yes, I have learnt to love her unconditionally like I would another soul because I want to be in a place of peace, love and serenity when I cross path with another who mirrors the undiscovered within me.
Believe, Disagree or Dismiss.
Beautiful Beloved, Believed In

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