Monday 27 October 2014

A message from the past to the future.

In your story, don't  forget to tell them this...

"That I know that I had to go back to connect the dots, dreams that I had envisioned as a child to impact and inspire my people with what I have acquired in my growth as a woman. It wasn't all about me, I did it for the little girl overweight with hopelessness, living in a privilege of wealth, waited on by strings of people who lived and depended on crumbs. The child that drew on paper, scribbling all over her note pad words that she didn't understand but who knew something wasn't right in her world. She wasn't the most clever, articulate, intelligent or smart girl if you met her, she was unrecognisable hiding her truth, they called her shy, quiet and went unnoticed as she  pretended to read."

Tell them........I heard the whispers, saw and understood, the wealth & affluence I was born into did not blind me to the marginalised, oppressed, socially excluded living amongst us, in my nakedness we weren't that different. I cut me up and I almost died as I bleed the same blood and felt pain like I have never before.

"Everything I have become, I have learnt from seeking, trying again and again as I made mistakes, I picked me up on the way, armed with the spirit of peace, love,and faith to fight through and emerge the queen of her destiny. I haven't lived yet, no  I haven't and I will not start living until you are equip to do the same and we will live together."

It is my hope that when this old bone grows weary and is unable to light up, I will have inspired you enough to carry this baton of strength."

(Snippets, snippets, Snippets.......unfinished)


  1. This is so beautifully written. Your last little paragraph spoke to me so much. Thank you.



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