Wednesday, 17 December 2014

State of Mind

Morning antics, Reflections and Holiday vibes 
I have been laughing all morning, from twirling and arching my back  in bed so far out until it started to hurt and moonwalking to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, I stopped and stared at my freshly painted white bathroom wall, then ran straight into living room and sprawled myself across the sofa. With no intention to exit this mood, your truly did the usual Instagram stroll, checked out twitter and wrote my first tweets in months feeling so smuggish listening to Sam Smith's album. I am not sure if dancing alone would be appropriate, but meditating and writing sounded like a plan.
I have been experiencing all types of emotion lately and a lot has happened since the last post, I still have a few post that am working on and not sure if I can't let it go enough to share on here because…. #StateofMind I just came back from holiday last week friday :) and I am still buzzing from the relaxation, hence the absence.
After much consideration, I finally handed in my notice to quit work, with the Friday before as my official last day. I planned it in such a way that i didn't have to return after my holiday with my sisters which was amazing by the way because it felt right to walk away and enjoy the last few days of 2014 reflecting in my own space, figuring stuff out with no pressure and playing silly at home in my bed, writing, studying, exploring the next move and what not.
It was emotional, I cried, laughed, screamed with and hugged so many people. It was touching to hear nice words from the people that I have come to love and care about so much,  I watched two of the qualified solicitors tear up and wish me well, another who I thought had a problem with me held me and spoke straight to my soul, each of this guys were super comforting with best wishes and one senior partner gave me the most spontaneous gift while another adopted me immediately and I knew that if I ever needed anything I have friends to call on. The crowning moment for me was my manager, she gave me the most beautiful silver bracelet, amazing card and took me out for the longest lunch, we finished a whole bottle of white wine between us, which left me so giggly. I miss my chair, especially spinning it  around whenever I was alone for a minute in the office, coffee breaks, reading emails and been all super woman multi-tasking, devoting all my time and energy to achieving the best results and watching the clock after 4pm because at the end of the day, it was just a 9-5, but like everything else in my life, commitment is commitment, I am a hard worker, never leaving stones unturned, my work is my pride.
Anyway, so over that!!! Here are some holiday pics from Marrakech, it was great, stayed at a beautiful resort, explored the old city of Medina,  I don't speak french, haggled and haggled in the market over musk & lavender scents, pashmina scarfs, argan oil, black soap and bought me a shisha pot. Hello smokaholic, my love for shisha would never die :), visited the Musuems we could find, bonded so much with my sisters and convinced I would do it all over again…SO here is a little peek, because emmm……yeah!
Across the Balcony at the Hotel
The hallway to my room
 My Twin, big sis and I
 Atlas Targa Hotel Lobby - Would always recommend!
 Bis sister, Thanks to her, we had a lovely get away
My middle sister and the shortest lol
Camel surfing 
Waking down the stairs from my room
View from my room at night

My twin is obsessed with this pose 
We fought straight after this lol
Love the design
The market, sorry we was more obsessed with selfies & Usies 

Thank for reading, now off to ponder some more on the wonders of the universe. xxx


  1. Love the photos. Felt like I lived some of the moments. Brave step you took. 2015 is full of greatness. I can feel it

  2. You and your sister are very beautiful.
    You write so well. I felt like I could feel every emotion you wrote about.
    And as Babara said, that was a really brave move. It will pay off in Jesus name.

    Don't be a stranger!

    1. Awww thanks for stopping by Tomilola. Much appreciated and yes I don't intend to be a stranger. xoxo


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