Saturday, 20 December 2014

You Need People, We all Need People and Each Other

Friday musings, collection of thoughts and what not. 
7:36am, stepped out into the chilly morning cold, singing and heading bumping to my worship album and I froze on the train into one of those moments when tears are welling up :( and I knew like every other time that this is my cue to pray. Pray I did in a tube full of strangers!

Hours later 14:23pm, fresh out of the hairdressers feeling myself because this girl got braids in a bun (hairline I am sorry :(…., yet again I am singing but this time  it was different, it went something like this "I don't need no one, ain't need no one ever, all I need is Jesussss in a high pitch voice" This song was inspired by sermon I heard a while ago about how all we need in life is Jesus and no one else.  Well yeah, I mean we need Jesus, we need God and He is all we should desire *scratches head* but what if that sermon was all wrong! :(

Here is what I heard today….."you need people, we all need people and each other. As much as you need Jesus, you also need people." Wait let me start again…

We need people as much as we need Jesus as christians to live a purpose filled life. Jesus in all his divinity and awesomeness came to earth to live and die for us, he lived a great life and did so many miracles to show us how to be kind, compassionate and loving to ourselves. In one of his sermons, he said that if we have faith, we could do all the things and perform miracles just like Him. I mean JESUS did not have to come, Abraham did well without Jesus to show him what to do, God practically fed Moses all he had to know on a daily basis as he led the Israelites out of Egypt. Esther prayed as much as Daniel to overcome their challenges.

So why does this generation need Jesus???  Do perfect people exist? Can we be perfect? Can we do it alone? *sigh* and at this point, I am also confusing myself.

But I must progress, so I figured in trying to answer this questions with the winding blowing in my hair, nothing prepared me for the waves of cool breeze sliding through my scalp and back of my head, hmmm perhaps this was a bad idea, my neck is more vulnerable and I am still trying to justify why I need people as much as I need Jesus.

*Light bulb* what if my kindness is Jesus to someone else, that homeless stranger I buy food for, the young girl with a troubled heart that I pray with, the friend I seat with to listen to her story…. over 2000 year later, while we would not be meeting Him in the flesh, We still get to do life with him, emulating his teachings, its contents, sharing,  fine tuning, interpreting and boldly striving to live like  he promised was possible. He came in human form to show us the way to live like it was intended by God, and he left behind the promise of the one that would dwell within us and call it the Holy spirit. 

That means as a Christian, if I pursue Jesus and learn to be like him and incorporate his values, all that love would spread out to someone else and possibly bring them to God and here ladies and gentlemen, we have the almighty ripple  effect. People helping each other out, so we need people!!!! 

Anyway, agree or disagree, while I may not be able to walk on water or heal a blind person's sight, I will be doing my bit in the way I know how and I encourage you all to  also believe in people and strive to be better and be the kind of person that can give to others. If in doubt, ask yourself what would Jesus do. If in further doubt, you need Roman, John, Mathew and Corinthians.
18:46pm, prepped primed and ready to belt a single at The Bloomsbury Carol Celebration Service and my heart sings out loud. 
Be Peace, Love, Light and Stay beautiful. Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn


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