Sunday, 9 November 2014


Sapiosexual: One who is attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others. What non-physical qualities are most attractive to you? I'm not just taking about sexual attraction. In general, what qualities do you  notice in others that draw you in and attract you to that person?

Diary Entry 27th  October 2014 - Strings of little conversations that felt like the voice of God. 
I am attracted to all of the above and I have only found it in good loving conversations, and I guess I am blessed to be me because every single one of my close circle possess this qualities. I don't go about making friends or trying to connect to everyone, I will standstill in the middle of a busy shopping centre to talk, laugh and throw my head back for as long as you hold me captivate. In my day job, I have gotten to know people better beyond the boundaries of office banter not just because, but because I saw something in them that I admire (Hello coffee break) In my persona life, I am also coming to appreciate that when I am happy, open and at peace, I get more approached, people give more of themselves to me, I receive gifts, words of inspiration, gentle prayers etc. I guess this means, it is not enough to be attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others, you must be a pathway to attract those energies as well.   
Treat conversation like a dance, and remember it takes two to tango.
Beautiful Beloved Believed In 

#30Layers30Days Challenge by GG RENEE

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