Sunday, 9 November 2014

30Layers30Days INNER WORLD

To what extent do you find yourself preoccupied with your own thoughts and challenged to share your inner world with others?  Also, how do you preserve your need for solitude and still make room for the people you love? 

I have always been someone who enjoys solitude. It is my favourite thing in the whole wide world and often the misunderstood thing about my personality. Writing and long evening walks is the way to gather my thoughts, make decisions and get comfortable with what I am trying to pass across or share with people.

It is very challenging sharing because I think very differently and the way I would analyse a situation might seem out of my place or weird. More than half of my dreams and aspirations I haven't really communicated, because the little I have shared is not understood and that is what I deal with concerning my family especially. For this reasons, my day to day world can be so lonely dealing with my emotional thoughts and trying to share a positive energy because light attracts light. 

As I have grown I take the time I need for myself, if I don't do so, nothing gets done properly. So in the middle of a busy day, I will be seen taking a power nap, the other day, during break in the team meeting room, I snoozed for thirty minutes while everyone chatted away and it had no impact on my performance because I was recharged and empowered to keep up with the rest of the task ahead. 

I turn up for the people I love and I will always make room for them on the understanding that they do not invade my personal space with noise, and it works when there is respect, admiration and genuine concern for the other person. It use to bother me that I preferred my own company, literally had conversations with myself, write and pretty much spend endless hours in my company because other people found it weird, abnormal and I have been called complex, spaced-out, lonely etc But I have come to appreciate them as normal and totally acceptable to be out of touch with the world every now and then if I want to flourish. I don't need much, just give me a moment of silence, coffee and a notepad to process my world and I might, might just be bold enough to invite you to the best kept secret. 

Your Solitude, that nest, hiding place might be where you find your connection, conciliation, pathway and anything you need to make it through life outside.!!!!!!

#30Layers30Days The Quiet Challenge by GG Renee

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