Wednesday, 5 November 2014

#30Layers30Days // SUPER SUPERPOWERS

When viewed with love and courage, the things that we feel the most self-conscious about are often our greatest strengths.

What superpowers are you hiding?

I really don't want to say it. It might call it into existence and then I will have to live it....
My Superpower is my Heart it beats and dances to the rhythm of the universe. I can hear it sing and clap, but I ignore it. Often I wonder is it enough to change the world, to make people really see that it does good, thinks of good and intends to inspire.
My Superpower is my Words, it breathes the desire of my heart, but wait, it questions it worth.Can she string it into a perfect combination good enough to capture what she feels?

 My Superpower is Me, she dreams, she writes, she speaks to the back of her audience. She cries, she screams, she wails into the darkness holding her light. She takes steps and retreat, she looks back and get lost, she hide inside herself. Her emotions remain untamed, a wildling imagination unearthed.
My Superpower is an Eagle.

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