Monday, 3 November 2014

#30Layers30Days PERMISSION

I am giving myself permission to move forward and be who I want to be.
All The Many Layers #30layers30ddays The Quiet Challenge 

What factors block your self-expression the most?

If I am being raw and honest, it is saying the wrong thing, not sure if people would listen or value what I have to say or bring to the table. I grew up in a place where my voice went UN-heard, interrupted, overlooked because I have never been the loudest person in the room. Low self-esteem a major companion,  hiding in corners, shy, overwhelmed by almost everyone and not having the confidence to step forward.

What factors stifle your personality and natural instincts the most?

Stifle means to suppress,smother,asphyxiate, constrain, hinder, impede, quash, squash, crush  destroy, extinguish, deaden, damp down, subdue, mute, restrain, keep back, gulp back, withhold, check,swallow, muffle, quench, silence, choke, gag and more.
Fear and insecurity does all the above to me and its killing.

In what areas of your life are you waiting for permission to be yourself?

In my relationships and career, knowing that my focus has shifted and it is perfectly okay to want something so different it might not be understood. 

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