Monday, 6 October 2014

Thoughts on Marriage Engagment and " The One"

If like me you have been drooling over engagement rings, stop it now. In your singleness, complicated status, He is my boyfriend and I know he is going to propose soon or you fall under the “he’s my fiancĂ©, but he has not given me a ring” status. Please stop it and ask yourself, are you ready for marriage? Honestly I don’t know who I feel sorry for, the men or ladies. More ladies are going through great length to pretend and package themselves to be the perfect wife material. More marriages are falling thou, while others spend more time fantasying about the perfect man to marry and ridiculously expensive wedding, dresses, IG post. Then the engaged ladies mercilessly teasing and taunting us with that super large rock *drools again*.

The truth is this, I want nothing more than to be married but I am not ready for marriage because I am still learning to define my identity and coming to terms with the greatest love that is wrapped in Christ. In this season of my life, I want to experience divine love, learn to be patient, receive, give and serve other. This does not mean I don’t pray for the man I will eventually share my life with, I pray for him to be successful, blessed financially and spiritually in all sphere of life. I pray for release from any spirit of Jezebel hovering over him, any woman that is tied to him to break free, I pray for his heart to be gentle, kind and full of compassion for others. I pray that when I meet him or if he is already in my life, he is ready for the lives we will share as one in love, faith & peace. I am not praying to be lucky, he is not a one chance or an opportunity, he is my destiny, the perfect will of God and I am the woman that will complete him like Eve was for Adam. God will prompt him to place the ring on my finger when he is ready in due season, then I will finally be ready to get married and enjoy a lifetime of partnership. Wedding and marriage are two different things, please don’t get it confused. Don’t spend the better part of your life planning and scheming to have the perfect wedding and forget the bit where you spend the rest of your life tied in marriage to that one man. Your criteria should not be what his net worth is, nor looks.  I know that looks is important, we have the new look, beards, facial hair, and the usual I like a man in white trad thing. Please stop it!!

Believe me, ask your happily married ladies with great testimonies, you will know when you found it, God will show you unless you are so blind by your defined criteria (this is why you should pray & consult God). Please make sure you marry your best friend, someone you can share a laugh with, hold hands with and commit a lifetime to his flaws and imperfection. A man that shields & protect, loves & cherish, honour & protect, respect & adores you. Why should you have to manage, what are you managing, so because he is a rich boy with sway, you must die with him and trap him into marriage whilst turning a blind eye to his infidelity? (Trust me, you know yourselves).

Finally, money!!! It is a blessing to be rich & wealthy enough to afford the finer things of life, therefore, it is only natural you would want your man to be the same. But *Selah* where does that money come from, have you considered trailing the source of his money. Trust me, I relocated to Nigeria for a year and then some months, I have seen and heard the things young articulate men do for money to buy cars, pop bottles and attract fine girls, this equally applies to the ladies *roll your eyes if you like*Be wise. Ask yourself; are you ready for marriage? Am I in the condition to be a wife? Is your heart in the right place? Is this the love that God has ordained for me? Are you ready for a lifetime together, no turning back once that ring slips on your finger?

What do you desperately want, is it to be engaged to the man of your destiny or to be married to him?  |Engagement vs Marriage; to be engaged is different to marriage. One is temporary, the other is permanent.

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