Friday, 3 October 2014

Beautiful, Beloved, Believed In

Something old that I want to re - share and thank God for his faithfulness and that inner quiet Confidence for he has done it again and I can't wait to share more of what he has in store for me. So here it is. Thank you Lord for been faithful to me and pouring your blessings upon my life. This soul does not take it for granted that you know best in all circumstances and situation life throws at me. Thank you for this quiet inner confidence that am feeling lately, knowing that I do not have to rush through life, instead 'Your Grace' prompting me to experience life step by step, keeping me planted in each season for different purposes. It been quite liberating to stay calm, trusting in the understanding that You have showed me that I am not there yet. I laugh at the exchanges we have had in the past few weeks over what I want and need from You this year and You been awesome, respond with Your answer!!!!! (God is never late). Sometimes, it hits me in the wrong places, I am left even more confused than ever and I strut around trying to figure out what You mean and think I can manipulate your decision by offering compromise or desperate promises in return, but You don't run Your Kingdom like that....Instead You give this confidence *Selah* to calm the storm in my heart and crush the conflicts in my head. I am not there yet, but I am where I need to be right in this moment with You, because of the Grace that never fails. As always, Beautiful, Beloved, Believed In.

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Beautiful Beloved Believed In xxx