Sunday, 28 September 2014

Appreciation "Light Up"

Throwing a prayer to the universe and all things created for our good. Lighting up the world with God's love and mercy as I offer this prayer to that which is higher than me. Ancient of days, thank you for filling me up with love, sustaining me with grace, strength and hope in you.
Balancing my emotions whenever it stirs in conflict with sin and ugliness of this earth. It is not taken for granted as always that you know best, for you formed me in my mothers womb, called me by name before I was conceived and filled my soul with love and longing for you constantly as I grew up. I may have strayed, but your grace pulled me back into the realms of your kingdom, spirit filled and soul inspired by the path you have laid down for me to follow.
You nudge me with encouragement and empower my heart to go on, even with the heartbreak, hurt, rejection and pain it's been through. Times I have cried out in anguish and pain, fearing it will never stop, I know you watched me, because I came through it and the heart I thought was broken  is still breathing, ready to love and conquer again and again. Thank you Abba, I could never ever imagine doing life without you again, you are my rescuer, sustainer, joy and shining light.
Your love over flows within my heart and fills my spirit and I have watched it transform and lighten up my countenance to the people I do life with everyday.  This soul is forever in debt to the freedom you have given it, and when the mighty storms of life bruises and passes through, I stand confidently still in you. When the shadows of darkness hovers, I call out to the beginning of existence "Let there be Light" and when the ground upon which I stand hurts, I find strength in looking to the skies above and know I am not alone.

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Beautiful Beloved Believed In xxx