Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Smart Girl Post

This has been playing around in my head, living in blissful existence and at peace with the universe. This smart girl well is not a girl, but still here it is;
-Smart girls read
-Smart girls play, have fun and still get serious with work
-Smart girls are selfish with their time
-Smart girls know better
-Smart girls will give you a run for your money
-Smart girls invest in friendship that inspires them
-Smart girls seeks inspiration in everyday life
-Smarts girls know how to get what they want
-Smart girls don't fall for silly boys
-Smart girls are strong & independent
-Smart girls are winning ladies
-Smart girls are fearless
Smarty smart girls rock. We are everywhere; we don’t live in shadows or behind closed curtains. We know our place in the world and it is at the top layered with ambitious and desire to be the best version.
Beautiful Beloved Believed In.

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