Thursday, 23 October 2014

Everyday Routine - Coffee and Life

Morning Rituals
Every morning I wake up like this, with a feeling of love all over me. I roll around in bed, squeezing the sheets a little longer than I normally do. Kiss my shoulders, let my hands roam the rise of my breast and I feel peace as I pray to the Lord to guide me in my daily adventure.
After much lingering about, I make it out of bed, breakfast is warm instant roast coffee, my favourite drink in the world. Each sip a tingling orgasm, hmm guilty pleasure, feeling ever so intimate with my core.
I feel so lucky to always have another day, everything I ever wanted is now within my reach. Love, Life, adventure, passion, although I haven’t found the one to spend it with, what I need is exactly what I have.
Anything else is a bonus, yeah I have learnt to be grateful, love myself inside out, upside down, caress my soul with music, dance and words.
P.s This was written a long time ago, with a little adaptation but always been the same old habit.

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