Monday, 20 October 2014

Digging deeper and finding love

We all want to be loved by someone and we are, but sadly we often look for it in the wrong places and stuck up on this notion that we have to be in a relationship. Even the most miserable single person I know is loved, yet they feel so alone because they don't have someone to call theirs. I am guilty of occasionally living and thinking like this until it hit me a while ago, simply put; love is always around.

Dressing up for church on Sunday, my eight year old nephew, looked me up and said "aunt why are you acting liking you have sway, I am the only one that is cool in this family" Hold up........we both knew that wasn't a question and he wasn't expecting an answer, he was telling me I looked good! If I wanted to lawyer up like the Nigerian aunt that I am deep down, his audacity to insult me nonchalantly without batting an eye lid would be an automatic slap on the head, or straight up "is it me you are talking too? But hey no, I am the coolest aunt ever and this cool smart kid just validated me, it felt like he was saying " I love you", because I be looking fly on the school run and he wouldn't walk right past me if I turned up at the gates.

Love is everywhere, from the little gestures from families, good morning hugs from my little ones & sloppy kisses, the way my one year old tags himself to my legs, spontaneous messages from my girlfriends, compliments that feels like flowers, dangerous stare from stranger that is straight up envy  because they seen something beautiful they lack in a stranger.

Love shouldn't be restricted to the one person we are in a romantic relationship with, it is sincerely stupid to say we will never fall in love, or be in love again or say I love you. Blame social media, we are constantly looking online, tagging relationship goals, drooling over potential "bae", religiously stalking crushes/lovers online and falling into the danger of feeling like we don't belong or loved up enough. Well well, you are wrong in your thinking!

The greatest love you will ever experience is within you, only if you embrace it. I speak of this love because I have experienced it again and again and again in my soul, heart & desires for life. Do not restrict love to what you want from others, in my experience again, that kind of love often fades and hurt when it leaves. Seek and you will discover love in companionship's, friendships, kindness, compassion, giving, receiving and in so many other ways that will become known when you appreciate your experiences, from that friend that constantly calls/ send text messages, parents, work colleagues you choose to have coffee breaks with, little nieces/nephew/cousins demanding your attention and other little things if you dig deeper.

Personally, I love me in a weird crazy way that I constantly validate, be it from sipping my early morning roast coffee with dreamy eyes, slow dancing at the tube station, treasured walks in the late evenings, conversation with my best friend and dotting over my super cute muchkins. I am not perfect, there are momentarily lapses when I go online and see a different type of love expressed creatively on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but it is what it is, just a moment which I join in to celebrate, I like, like and like some more, fawn over it, add my two cents and move on.

Digging deeper and finding love because I am Beautiful, Beloved and Believed In

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