Monday, 13 July 2015

Sacrificial Love

Love that will shape the world.
The love I dream of when I think of life, people and family.
Love that transcends selfishness, greed, pride and arrogance.
Love that influences, empower, uplift and flourish a nation of broken hearted people.
Be sacrificial in the love you give, as your heavenly Father fills us with an overflow. Let it flow as well to the people you encounter in the world. Your attitude of love may be the conception that will transform another life, enabling them to seek the light that flows within you.
The way habits can be copied and imitated, your compassion, kindness and love can be copied. God is love and His love is around. You are love because the Father lives in you as well. He gives freely of everything if only you ask from Him.
Be beautiful. Stay Beloved. You are Believedin.
Faith. Love. Love. Peace.

I write from a place of love.

Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn

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Beautiful Beloved Believed In xxx