Friday, 28 November 2014

Stay Beautiful, It Is Thanksgiving

Everyday is Thanksgiving when you are Beautiful Beloved Believed in
Thankful for life, good health, friends, opportunities and out pour of blessings I have been experiencing within my core. God has been good to me in an underserving way because I know as much as He knows, that I am not Perfect, I wander off on my own, trying to do things He said he's going take care off for me. My human mind travels to places of exile, dragging my spirit along knowing that I am threading in dangerous territories. But God the ever caring Father patiently reaches out to bring me back again.
So I have made a shy cheesy list of the things I am Thankful for
1. Life on been Happy.
2. Friends, knowing who is with me. 
3. Family, making amends and building stronger relationships. 
4.Career, paddling through the chaos of displacement.  
5. Home, where I can lay my head after a days work. 
6. Health, no ailment.  
7. Spiritual Blessings, in Faith, Love & Peace. 
8. Bills/Debt Free Ambition.
9. Abstinence, Queening and Self Loving First
10. Growth as a Woman and how far I have made it.
11. Vision, making do with the seed He has Planted in Me.
And above all, from the deepest corners of my Heart, Thankful for each morning breathe.
On #9: If you are a 21st Century Woman *sigh* Issue worthy of it Own Post
P.s Black Friday Sales.........Don't worry, you can still be Thankful if you broke JJJ


  1. Exactly, you can still be thankful if you are broke. Good to see you have so much to be thankful for, no matter how cheesy anything may seem to you. There are people who aren't grateful for anything, so you're ahead of the game. :) God's guidance is sure and reliable. Remember that it's okay to be human.

  2. Hey Hun.. I love your blog posts. However I can't find the subscribe button. Where do I subscribe?

    1. Hey Barbs, I haven't added a subscription link yet, will get to it this weekend. xxxx Kisses & Hugs


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