Friday, 21 November 2014

Love, Soul & Confirmation

Gongs, drums, loud bass, I hear the drummers beats, singers clapping, feet's tapping away, as the circus comes into full view, her inner goddess sways from side to side moving, swerving, kicking it back, joining in the ancient ceremonial dance of the new moon, as generations gathered to welcome, cradle and touch the great new born, the night sky ablaze with signs and wonders their forefathers foretold. This free thinking spirit is celebrating the beginning of time, 9125 days of inhabitation, dreaming, breathing, loving, heart & soul. Grateful for the life she has lived with acceptance, excited for where it is leading and hopeful it will reach it destination.

Beautiful Beloved Believed In

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  1. Hey Beautiful beloved, I never knew you could write or blogged and this is totally awesome to read. I admire the contents of your blog and will be watching you. xxx


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