Thursday, 20 November 2014

30Layers30Days // INTIMIDATION

Still on The Quiet Challenge #30layers30days and my timing is all over the place, but I am absolutely loving it so far, its been very warming and encouraging to open up more to what I want for myself, engage my thought process and scribble all over the blog!
Question: What kind of people make you feel intimidated, small, inferior?  Why?

Truth be told, I have never been worried about intimidation because even with my quietness, I have always stood my ground with people that try it and I do it by observing you long enough to subtlety put you in your place. Never liked bullies, I randomly fought in school with people just to exercise my right to be me in my quiet corner, I was not popular neither did I desire it, but intimidation, feeling small, inferior was a No No! Maybe that is why I have been referenced as a snob; even prudish in behaviour because I absolutely cannot conceal my irritation, am always like who are you again?

I welcome people, like my mother would say, "I wasn't born privileged, everything I have given you was worked for", never ever look down on people regardless of class or status. So when I am in any situation that will place me among people whose sole purpose is to make me feel intimidated, small or inferior for whatever reason, I look to GOD for strength and compassion to be kind, humble and forgiving, because......

"Beautiful is the woman who understands her place in life, with all things coming from God the Ultimate Source, it can be taken back as easily as it was given".

We do not Intimidate, Oppress or Violate others, We Strive to be Peace, Light, Love and More to the Very own People against Us.
Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn

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