Sunday, 16 November 2014

30Layers30Days Where Are You

What is the best part of being where you are in your life right now, at this very minute?   All worries aside.  What is making you happy? What is going right? What simple things are you grateful for?
Feeling ever alive dwelling in a place of peace, putting my dreams into action, yes I am finally making long term plans on my own for myself! It is not a perfect place or plan and might actually take longer than normal to achieve them, but it is the planning which got me excited because for the first time, I am dealing with my anxiety, stress and mood swings. 

What is making you happy?
It is November which means another birthday and it going to be different because I have grown and learnt a massive lesson from my mistakes. I am feeling more and more accomplished, I am not depressed anymore, I woke up from low self-esteem, I know who  I am, I no longer think I am crazy or worthless enough to attempt  suicide again and I am more honest with myself. Also what is making me happy is that I am happy and I am saying it out loud. I AM HAPPY.

What is going right?
Life, knowing I am not Alone. God, knowing that I am His. Christ, knowing I am Saved. 

What simple things are you grateful for?
Every night, I pray and hope to dream not knowing if I would it make through the night. I can sleep in my own bed unchained, safe with my doors wide open. At sunrise, I open my eyes and take another breathe full of life with the same hope and a greater sense of acceptance. My mirror stands still and whispers "beautiful as ever" as I step out, grateful for friendships and all the encouragement I get from my warriors who pray, eat, love and walk with me.


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