Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sincerity & Power

Hey new month of September....Seeking Sincerity & Power
Firstly, I must say in the lead up to the new month I have been very absent and dealing with life in the only way I know and somehow neglected to pray for myself. All of a sudden I am depleted and hungry for the voice of God to lead me through this season of exhaustion, fear, anxiety, worry and frustration.

In serving other in prayers, looking after the needs of family and friends that lean on me for support, serving in church at every opportunity, I have failed to pray for my needs and want. I find it so easy to pray for other peoples needs, but when it comes to mine, it is seems so difficult, complex and very messy, that I don't know where to start. So I only turn to God as they arise, instead of nurturing all areas of my life for spiritual growth, prosperity, success, favour and enlightenment.

In my heart as I struggled with speaking to God regarding all things concerning me, he placed two words within me  'Sincerity & Power'. Pray for sincerity so that you stop wandering off on your own and hear me, focus on what I have placed in your heart !!!! Pray for Power to overcome every obstacles and challenges, the negative emotions you are building up inside, power to recognise that I am for you and will always turn up.
Stop running around in circles, keep focused on me, don't go alone with my saying, wait at my feet!!!

After pondering on this, I though what does God mean by sincerity, is that like telling me that I am not true or acting right? The definition astounded me and here it is 'Sincerity is the virtue of one who speaks and acts truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts, and desires. The most profound meaning I found was 'In heart of heart', the first heart in this expression means ‘core’ and the second heart means ‘seat of feeling, understanding, and thought.’ Then I got it, seek my core and heart for you Keke, be strengthen by my power through prayer. *Selah*

So in this month of seeking sincerity in feeling, thoughts and understanding, I am saying no to fear, anxiety, stress and worry and claiming the power to receive the promises of the kingdom with joy, love, peace, light  and defining clarity in Jesus name. Amen

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