Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Season of truth and comebacks

Seasons come, season go and for me it has been a long time away from blogging or writing worthwhile privately and publicly. Comebacks are welcome.

But first I dedicate this post to the amazing Frances Okoro of www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com such a dedicated and consistent person that I have come to love and just observe from a distance, yet her words are often the closest thing to home truths that stings, and a resounding assurance that I can find solace on her blog just like someone else can find same on here. I love her and it is because of her recent post  "For Christian Writers/Bloggers: Lay Aside The Weight Of Distractions" that I have had the courage to rise up against the flux of inactivity on my blog.

It is autumn and the leaves are so beautiful even as they wither away,  dragged in whatever direction the wind pleases. Just like the leaves, I have been drifting, wrestling with what I what or hope to have yet I am still without.

Summer was amazing and as it ended, I somehow allowed anxiety and fear cling on to me and I didn't realise it until recently. My nonchalant attitude and relaxed state of 'just chilling' and 'waiting" is fear in disguise.

Honestly, I have been so dry that I thought it also meant that I am done on here. However, reflecting on the last few months, I have learnt so much and maybe I needed to step back, so I can come back stronger and ready for the long haul because I have been given the grace to write and nothing in my life right now justifies throwing it away.

My prayers have ben constant, even if at times they have been silent but they seethe with passion for more of God and less of my own feelings because His word is not based on emotions but on faith.

So as I transition into the beauty of this season, I pray that I continue to hold on to this grace and birth the words that will continue to shine a light that is full of purpose.

I write from a place of love.
Beautiful Beloved BelievedIn


  1. Oh Keke!
    Can we meet already??? I pray God makes this happen someday soon.....you..who you are just shines through your words..and I have said this before, but truth is,they show me who i am not(which isn't a bad thing)

    you are calm...that understanding friend..that sister that listens..
    I pray our paths cross physically soonest :-)
    Much love..lots and lots of love!

    Welcome back on the #race. Hold on steadily...He's smiling at you in Fatherly approval of what you do for Him...

  2. Thank you. It hasn't been without it challenges.
    When I decide that Nigeria is for me again to practise, I will find you.

    You know we are both lawyers as well.


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