Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Making small differences

So far so good. January has been so good to me, achieved most of my goals and I truly celebrate those achievements. But right now I really don't know, I haven't felt right this month at all, I think I may be depressed or just stressed about the coming months, it is scary that this year is pretty much going to be a lonely one, just me myself and I striving, living, giving and serving.

Now who will support me? That is the re-occurring question in my head, I can literally count on my fingers what that means, but like I have always wondered isn't that suppose to be what faith is all about.  It can be hard when the people in your world look down on you or have little or less words of encouragement.

I know I have been way from this space, I have been writing so much but I just didn't feel like sharing at all. Perhaps I am retreating back into my journal  because I am not a blogger, it is not my intention to be anything more that a person who writes about her life, what she feels for herself and the world.

Wrong!! I want to reach out and help, but wait! Isn't there a variety of people out there who write out their hearts & soul to impact, inspire, empower and enrich the lives of others. We are in a world of creative's, artists dishing out layers and layers of life that represent their truth. Where do I fit in?

Perhaps, writing and doing are two different thing, it is one thing to pen your thoughts to inspire or maybe encourage and it is another to actually live life in such a way that  you are directly impacting a life.

Hmmm, I might have answered my question and chipped away a little of my depression,. Anyways, *sigh*  I will continue to pursue my heart as I intentionally work harder to be who I am…with effortlessly grace, I pray that I have the strength to follow through with the opportunities that God has always given me this year to do His work. May it flow, uplift and be good enough to make a difference, no matter how small it seems.

Here is to a year of living out loud and been honest. Reaching out, connecting with positive energies, channelling my light for the good of others, walking in faith, being selfless in love and peace.

Remember: Set your goals, make a plan. Pen your vision by making it visible and never let anyone look you down. You matter and however way you choose to give, do your bits and how you make a difference is your choice. Your art matters.

Don't just think about it. Do it.

Beautiful Beloved Believed In


  1. I smiled when I got to "who will support me"
    Cuz I had this picture in my head of God rolling His eyes and saying "I'm here, duh!"


    But truly, He is with us...ALWAYS.
    He supports us like the Daddy He is, advises us like our Lord that He is and even follows through on those dreams more than we do.

    You are on track Keke. God is working in you and reaching out to others.
    Let Him do His just relax and stop stressing :-)

    Much love sis.
    Happy new weeek

    1. I know, the who will support me question is the difference between doing what we have been called to do in faith or just stall.

      Thanks Frances and I am also praying for you.

      Have great week as well.


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