Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Musings

Cracked screen, serious damage. This right here depletes some people. Our lives could be exactly this and I could have replaced this right here and you wouldn't never know. Walking around london with a damaged iPhone is looked down upon, people say to me "why don't you fix it" " sell it and get the latest one"  and quite embarrassing when am out and I have to use my phone. 

When we look at out lives or that of others, we will see all sorts of cracks, damages, some are so obvious from a distance and we judge. Guess what? It works for a device that is designed to original call & text, anything else is a added feature.

This is my word for you today, no matter what you've been through, you are valuable and strong, if anyone says otherwise or belittles your journey, walk away from them. The world is big enough, life shouldn't begin and end with the approval of one person. 

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