Monday, 3 November 2014

AlltheManyLayers "I Want To Be..."

Taking on AllTheManylayers  challenge this month, I hope I am consistent and it propels me to be bolder in my aspirations.
I want to be a voice for generation of displaced women and children that are un-inspired in their daily lives, to help them achieve, inspire and empower them to want and be better. I want to be more than I am.
I want to be a creator of life through words of encouragement, breathing life into the emptiness that surrounds me.
I want to be invested in more relationships, connected to like-minded people that seek the higher presence of God in spirit.
I want to be a representation of something more than a woman, but a Woman that leads, propel and put the "Whoa" in Woman.
I want to be many things, layers of something Beautiful, Beloved, Believed In, an armour of strength, love and peace called to be what I was born to do.

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  1. It is you that I have to thank GG Renee for encouraging and inspiring.


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