Thursday, 13 November 2014

#30Layers30Days // PLAYGROUND

Where is your playground, your happy place?  The place or places where you feel free. Where you don't have to prove anything, bite your tongue or hide your enthusiasm.  Just easy, comfortable, defenses down.  Imagination running wild.Where is your playground?  Also, do you make time in your life to escape to this place?
My playground is my home, pinpointed to the corners of my bedroom with self splattered across the bed, reading a book, laptop on standby, soft music playing. In summer months, I am much more free to treasure the sunshine and roam the evening away without distractions whatsoever. I have many happy places, I find it in books, personal reflection, writing, music, and time alone been me, working on my spirit, heart and soul. I also find it in genuine persons that understand me through conversations that highlight and ignite my senses to engage in the beauty of my innermost thoughts and make it past concierge of my emotional turmoil. The greatest place I know is in my spirit, living in light, love, peace and finding me.
Beautiful Beloved Believed In

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