Thursday, 19 June 2014

Healer God

O' Lord my healer, hear my prayers and guide me in the areas of my life that needs your touch. Search my heart and expose the weakness I harbour. Show me my strength for the times I feel like I am falling short of your glory. As you surround me with your grace & mercy. Forgive  my sins and iniquity. As I look up to you in faith, shield me from the sting of ancestry curse & rescue me from the claws of my enemy. Do not forsake me Lord. Your patience with me, I do not take for granted. With love, you have healed & given my heart a resting place. Sustained by love, comforted with inner peace & confidence. Healer of my troubled soul. I rest in You.......
As always, Beautiful, Beloved, Believed In.

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Beautiful Beloved Believed In xxx